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Global Gaming Expo 2016

Its always a great time of the year for us here at Magnum when the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) arrives in Las Vegas. It gives us ample time to spend with our clients….check in on old friends and of course see all that’s new and exciting in our industry.

G2E 2016 definitely didn’t disappoint ! The floor was packed with new games, new delivery systems and hundreds of eager marketing folks to learn as much as they possibly could. Did you get to see any of the virtual reality games? How about the new games that were on display and the celebrities (ranging from Shaquille O’Neal to the Soup Nazi of Seinfeld fame) who were brought in to help sell them?

At the forefront of new things this year were games of skill, loyalty systems… all of which left attendees with one clear message: Gaming continues to reinvent itself and will continue to look to ways to engage customers in ways never contemplated before.

At Magnum, we very much look at our business in the same way. Where is the industry going? How do you take advantage of new technologies and then translate them to your customers in engaging ways that get them fully imbedded as your customer and “cement” loyalty going forward?

Having a team here at Magnum of seasoned and knowledgeable former Casino executives with property operational experience, we understand the casino business on all levels. We know and employ best practices from decades of experience to make your marketing programs a seamless, profitable endeavor. We know and live the ‘speed” at which gaming moves:not only keeping up with the latest technologies and trends, but helping our customers get ahead of them. We provide a “one stop shop” with all services housed under one roof. Acquisition programs, promotions, market research, tactical implementations, activation services....and so much more. This provides an integrated approach to identifying and solving your marketing challenges and ultimately helps you grow revenue. Few agencies throughout the country have supported as many major gaming brands as we have, for as long as we have – over a quarter of a century. Our experience runs the entire spectrum; from large corporate conglomerates to Native American casinos.

When G2E 2017 comes around, we can only imagine what will be knew and all the exciting places gaming is heading . Why not get in step and get out ahead of the industry trends and market, along the cutting edge of all of it? Give us a call and lets talk about all we can do together….all we can do to take everything new the industry has to offer and get your customers fully engaged. Let us show you why the Magnum team the right choice to be your agency partner!!!

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