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Political Marketing

The expertise in political marketing to help raise awareness, generate donations and win your campaign.

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Cedric Crear for Las Vegas Mayor
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Jerry Mullery for State Representative
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Harry Reid for Senate

When the United States Senate Majority Leader asks you for help, you do whatever you can to accommodate his request. Magnum was honored to have played a major role in one of the most well run political campaigns of the 21st century. Our mission was to coordinate media efforts and overall messaging aimed at reaching the African American, Latino and Asian communities on behalf of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. We developed a comprehensive strategy that consisted of messages conveyed via print, poster, radio and online advertisements. In many instances, we utilized the brand strengths of President Obama alongside the Senator to create a unified face for the voters. We were extremely successful as we had record turnouts at the polls and the Senator won unanimously. Many politicos and media reports noted the flawlessness of the campaign.


After serving 14 years as a US Representative from Nevada's 1st District, Congresswoman Shelly Berkley decided to make a run for the United States Senate. Magnum was once again asked to head African American outreach and media. Shelly was well-known in the community, but we had to differentiate her from her opponent and highlight all of the things she had done over the years for her neighbors. To meet this goal we created an extensive campaign utilizing several forms of media including collateral and print. Shelly ran an excellent race but lost by only a margin of the vote. However, she did carry the African American and Latino vote, indicating our efforts were very effective.

Shelley Berkley for Senate
Mary Gruccio for Senate
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Mike Ruggieri for Judge
George Twardy for Judge
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