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A revolutionary new way to measure

Customer Profitability, Acquisition Efficiency and Database Maximization

Profit From People Knowledge

Patronology™ was created specifically to serve the gaming industry. It begins with market intel which translates to the casino's database to create meaningful programs that are executable and more importantly... measurable.

Patronology results in a better way to value your most profitable customers, delivering a smarter reinvestment strategy with higher profitability.

Direct Mail Program

  • Monthly marketing analytics

  • Mailing list creation

  • Post-mailing analysis

  • Reinvestment analysis

  • Systematic measurement of patron

  • Monthly strategy sessions

  • Updated player demographic info

  • Secure server for database

  • Direct mail concepts (layouts and design)

  • Print and lettershop management

  • On-time mail delivery


  • Visitation by segment

  • Visitation by state

  • ZIP code analysis

  • Host productivity report

  • Reinvestment by card level

  • Reinvestment by game preference

  • Reinvestment by segment

  • Reinvestment by by offer

  • Database Maps

  • Database value

  • Player demographic analysis

  • Proprietary psychographic analysis

Relatively few marketing professional have command of the profit and loss of their marketing efforts, and fewer still understand profitability by patron.

CS Loyalty

Case Study: Loyalty Campaign

Property Type: Mid-Size property with less than 1,400 machines located in a very competitive market.  Newer larger competitor cut the property off from the primary feeder market.  Plus, an additional ten casinos within 50 miles. 


Challenge: Current segmentation consisted of only 9 segments based on a wide range of Min/Max ADT. It consisted of worth segments grouped together as large as $5-50.  In addition to this strategy they were also bumping patrons to higher levels based on their high frequency patterns.


Strategy & Execution: Because there was a large quantity of players in in two segments ($50-99 and $5-49), Patronology recommended expanding the number of segments to allow more flexibility to monitor the progress of players as they shift in/out of segment levels.


Measurable Results: Patronology’s strategy resulted in a total reinvestment savings of approximately $267,526. As a result in this strategy there was an -18% drop in patron count. However, there was a 16% increase in Slot Theo and 29% increase in Slot ADT year over year.

Other strategy revisions included:

  • Excluded segment Y $5-9. Previously this segment was receiving a $10 Free Play offer, which at the $5 ADT level is 200% of their worth.

  • Removal of the frequency bump

  • In addition to expanding worth segments we also broke out campaigns by Slot, Table and Dual

  • Right-sizing the reinvestments to reduce some of the layering costs, by placing patrons more in-line to their average daily worth

  • $25-99 segments were adjusted using an active trip range of 3 months rather than 6 months


NOTE: These were high frequency patrons (more apt to respond). Therefore this modification was necessary to ensure they’re still being touched but NOT over-invested.


How does a small bi-level casino in a Masonic Temple in Kansas City, Kansas (with no parking lot) compete with a world-class Las Vegas-style casino at the Kansas City Speedway just 15 minutes away?



Magnum was hired to manage 7th Street's player database by utilizing our Patronology Database Services.



The result was an increase over 3 months across all rated slot play. Rated Floor Play 29%


Rated Coin-in            +36% D | 30% J | 28% F
Rated Theoretical     +42% D | 42% J | 39% F
Rated Win                  +34% D | 54% J | 45% F
Rated Play%              +17% D | 12% J | 15% F

CASE STUDIES - Rated Slot Play

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