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Magnum's media buying power extends across the country and across the web.


Out-of-Home advertising is all around you and always changing. It’s on billboards and buses we see on the way to work. It’s in the airport running from terminal to terminal. It’s before your movie starts in the theaters. It’s on the coffee sleeve you pick up before heading to class. With peoples’ super-short attention spans these days, there’s no doubt that reaching the masses with a strong and quick creative message is a sure way to build your brand.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is just what it sounds like – getting directly to a highly targeted group of consumers with a specific, highly targeted, relevant message that will resonate. Think targeted direct mail, specialty inserts, door hangers and the ever-present coupon envelopes. Magnum Integrated Marketing uses targeted geographies, demographics, buying habits and interests to delivering your message directly.

Radio now reaches far beyond in-car listening – with digital radio delivering to phones, computers and even smart refrigerators. Radio stations and their listeners develop strong bonds.  Magnum Integrated Marketing designs plans to capitalize on those bonds to deliver you results.


Using the latest research data on ratings, consumer habits and trends, we build a strategic schedule that generates top of mind awareness and response. We look at radio as more than just your commercials.


Television is being revolutionized by online viewership. Second screens, such as tablets and mobile devices, have changed consumer viewing habits substantially presenting you with new opportunities to extend the life of your videos digitally.


Magnum Integrated Marketing integrates multi-screen buys that include the best of traditional TV advertising (broadcast, cable) with blends of emerging digital video formats. The goal is not only to advance audience targeting and reduce costs, but to leverage the rising trend of simultaneous media usage – where audiences watch TV while using their mobile devices at the same time.



Magnum Integrated Marketing digital’s capabilities are continuously expanding as the digital space is always changing. Consumers are now viewing and streaming more content on more devices than ever before. This content ranges from catching up on Shark Tank to streaming internet radio to checking social media.


There are virtually endless possibilities to reach your audience through digital/online platforms. Digital allows for flexible messaging based on consumer engagement. We use state-of-the-art tools to pinpoint specific buying behaviors, demographics, and geographic location.


Search Engine Marketing is paid search advertising used to drive traffic to your website. SEM allows for a set budget and you only pay when your ad is clicked on. Internet users see these paid search ads every day when using their search engine of choice. Want to see an example?  Look to the right or the top when searching and the top three results that are available are SEM.

Social Media

Social Media is not a trend.  It is just as important as your website. Your audience is posting, tweeting and pinning, all day (even at work!). You now have the capability to invite them to engage with you or push messages out to them in the place they value most – their social sites.


Staying relevant and ahead of the curve in your social media efforts is essential to building a strong and recognized presence with current and potential consumers.  Whether you need to dive into a new social platform(s), need a consistent voice delivering consistent messaging flowing, or you are ready to try advertising in social, Magnum Integrated Marketing can design and/or help to maintain your "social voice."

Display Advertising/Video Marketing

Display Advertising offers a unique way to serve multiple messages no matter where your target audience travels via the web. Your message can be delivered as video ads, image ads, text ads and mobile ads. The creative possibilities are seemingly endless to engage and connect. Display ads expand your campaign across multiple devices based on a defined set of parameters to a network of premium content websites. Ads are also remarketed using tracking codes to further increase impressions and click-thru deliveries. Video Marketing is emotional. It is a direct connection that can appeal to the emotions of your audience. Let’s face it, videos featuring adorable puppies pull on the heart strings. Video marketing is a true necessity for all businesses in today’s digital and social world. Incorporating even one video into all of your marketing channels-from email to search to social- can increase your ranking, conversions, and click through rates.

Media Research, Planning & Buying


Magnum Integrated Marketing provides its client-partners with media plans that are research driven. From evaluating your market footprint by zip code to inserting regional as well as national emerging trends, having the right research data at your fingertips is invaluable when developing the best positioning and message vehicles for our client-partners. Researching, negotiating, executing. It’s what we do best.



Now you can. Magnum Integrated Marketing employs unique industry buying and planning software that will analyze your current campaigns, identify strengths, opportunities, as well as weaknesses. Our software options are proven reporting systems that provide combined, unduplicated reach and frequency across all audited media. Our final reports allows you a peek at the effectiveness of your campaign in a quantifiable way that is difficult to come by. These tools allow us to make precise, efficient recommendations in the best interest of our client-partners.

Research & Reporting Services

  • Extensive market and industry research
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Multi-Media reports based on your target market
  • Placement and traffic management
  • TV and radio buy detail reports
  • Internet conversion reports
  • Click-through rate (CTR) reports
  • Post audit reports
CS Chuk

Case Study: Chukchansi Casino

The Challenge: The casino closed more than a year before under turbulent circumstances, and Magnum was charged with generating media buzz around their re-opening that would create a welcoming environment in the local community. Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino had a strategic objective to drive traffic and revenue to the casino floor with the reopening of the casino. The ability to quickly create and deliver campaigns to drive traffic in short time frames is a key marketing need for Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino. 


Strategy: Develop a fully-integrated multi-media campaign to be applied across multiple messages that communicates that Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino offers the latest slots to fast-action table games, casual to elegant dining, luxurious lodging and heart-pounding entertainment – Chukchansi is your California destination. The campaign was designed to be integrated across all channels including traditional media and digital media and most importantly, the delivery of the Chukchansi experience. It’s a new day at Chukchansi and a new approach.


Results: Overview of added value negotiated for Chukchansi's media buys. Within TV, we were able to add an additional 41% on to the spend in the form of bonus spots, new sponsorships, and online exposure. Within Radio, we were able to add an additional 38% on to the spend in the form of bonus spots, sponsorships, and web banners in addition to production by One Putt Broadcasting. We were additionally able to secure added value in print: publications including the Madera Tribune published Chukchansi's press release prior to opening. Additionally, MNI has offered 10% added value of the MNIX schedule in addition to what we purchased.

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