FREE Digital Analysis

Welcome to the digital world! If your brand doesn’t have a strong online presence… then your brand doesn’t have a presence at all! Magnum is here to evaluate your company’s digital brand and help build, maintain and evolve your digital technology. This will deliver more traffic, more brand exposure and the opportunity to generate more revenue. Our Free Digital Analysis allows us to understand the state of your online brand and educates you with the information that you need to know to grow your company. 

Analysis Includes

  • Web Usability Analysis

  • Search Engine Optimization:
    • Search Assessment
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
  • Mobile Optimized Analysis

  • Social Media Analysis

Web Usability Analytics

Magnum’s design experts will analyze your UX (User Experience) and your XI (User Interface). We will provide you with list of suggestions on how to improve your website to engage your customers and increase sales.

Search Assessment

Magnum's Technologists will conduct a search assessment to determine the website’s search engine rankings and page issues.

Search Engine Optization

Keyword Analysis

Magnum will conduct a keyword search to determine if your website’s content and pages are correctly “tagged” and “labeled.”

Competitive Analysis

Magnum will perform an analysis of your main competitors to compare their traffic rankings with yours.

Mobile Optimized Analysis

Just because your website looks good on a computer, doesn’t mean it will look good on a mobile device. Consumers who have a poor user experience engaging your online brand will ultimately come away with a negative brand image of your company resulting in more revenue loss. The example on this page shows the difference between a “mobile friendly” website and one that has not been optimized. 

Social Media Analysis

Technologists will conduct a search assessment to determine the website’s search engine rankings and page issues.

Magnum can design, write and market your company on:






and industry specific sites

Email Marketing Audit

Magnum's email marketing specialists know how to design, write and manage your email campaigns. We will build an email marketing strategy to ensure that your brand is top-of-mind. We will also host and manage your email database to ensure that the information is always current and up-to-date. 

We're more than an agency, we're your marketing partner.  Email us or call: 215-309-4715.

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