Fresh With A Kick!

Laguna Burger started as a small roadside burger stop on the famous Route 66 in New Mexico. Known for their famous green hatch chillies and fresh local beef, word spread and they soon became a "must stop" for all foodies. Laguna Burger decided to expand their reach with multiple location and called upon Magnum to help rebrand and market their world famous burger. 


Magnum has branded over 300 restaurants and knew that Laguna needed a unique logo and advertising message. The logo contains their signature ingredient, the green hatch chillies, and their classic red and white  A campaign was developed around their special chile topping. The ads and billboards featured onomatopoeia words that describe sounds of deliciousness with the name of the burger incorporated into it. The tag "Fresh with a Kick!" helped to define their product. Magnum art directed a photoshoot of their menu as well as did a TV commercial to promote their burgers. 

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