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Marketing for businesses in

Magnum Knows Marketing

If you are reading this copy it means that Magnum's was marketing directly to YOU. You can't find this page on our site because it is hidden. This page also has no SEO or paid search. The only way you were able to get here is through MICRO-GEO TARGETING.

Micro-Geo Targeting?

MICRO-GEO TARGETING is a real simple concept. Magnum only wanted to advertise to business owners in a very specific location. The below map has dark blue boxes of our targeted MICRO-GEO ZONE. So anyone with a mobile phone who enters this zone will receive mobile or display ads from Magnum. Notice how we didn't target Haddon Ave and the Patco Parking lots.


Traditional Geo-Targeting is based on a Zip code with radius perimeter of 5 miles or more. This is way too broad of a market. Sure you get a lot more impressions, but you also get a lot less conversions. With MICRO-GEO TARGETING you are getting quality over quantity. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 3.25.04 PM.png

Marketing that works for you.

If you are a local business and want to target the local residents, don't waste your money on windshield flyers that get thrown away, send your ads directly to their mobile phone. If you want to target your competitors building location, we can send your ads directly to their customer's mobile phones. Magnum can run your monthly advertising campaign so you can focus on your business.

Magnum does all the work...

1. We set up the Micro-Geo Zone that you select

2. We create the ads that people will see

3. We provide a monthly report of impressions and conversions for you

Start Advertising Today!

If you have a $350 monthly marketing budget and know the locations that you want to target, then fill out the information below.

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